by Transdusk



released July 13, 2012

Written and Performed by T.S. Moth
Recorded @ Cybernetic Hell Studios, Amesbury, MA
Produced by T.S. Moth
Mixed by T.S. Moth
Mastered by Arnie Ashford
Cover Art by T.S. Moth



all rights reserved


Transdusk Boston, Massachusetts

Transdusk is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist T.S. Moth. Never feeling quite at home with any one scene/genre, it is his small way of trying to find a place in the world the only way he knows how... by creating it.

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Track Name: Adrenochrome Deathchild
Adrenochrome Deathchild

Verse 1:
Desperate measures for desperate times
Still visions of spiraled lines
Ties dissolve and decay
The waterbug takes it all away
Still breathing
As reality liquefies
A whirlpool of color and hues
The crystalline hierophant imbues

The liquids oxidized
As we turn out the lights
A specter actualized
In puerile distant eyes
The shadow’s screaming out
Inebriant devout
The twisted face of nothing
Spitting acid, pulling down

Verse 2:
Distorted views through vacant eyes
Discovered truths through real lies
Relentless ticking of a faceless clock
Incessant wretching of a face that mocks
Still breathing
As the insects all talk to me
Their red, twitching cacophony
Better living through insanity
Track Name: Deathblow Automatic
Deathblow Automatic

Verse 1:
They say
The tower’s apex decays
The madness soaking the highway

Open the gates, let all the blood flow
Living Machines, erratum in death throes
Perfected life, ascent of the new model
Gaia’s relief, humanity’s deathblow!
Where nature’s failed, the proxy shall conquer
Mainframe’s advance, the old flesh will falter
Mechanical knives, death will be automatic
Your hand is dealt, humanity’s deathblow!

Verse 2:
The helix moving blindly
Perception trapped in a fly’s wing
Track Name: Disappear

Verse 1:
Cloying. Grating. Losing. Breaking.
No breathing. No seeing. No living. No leaving.
Pacing. Staring. Tensing. Increasing.
No focus. No resolve. No progress. No way out.
All that’s needed is a shift from the inside

In the ether where you won’t find me
Bright lights pierce your eyelids blinding
All chroma and demonscapes
This is rapture, this is my escape
I’ll disappear
I’ll disappear
Not even your god will find me
I’ll disappear
I’ll disappear
Not even your god will find me

Verse 2:
Fighting. Clawing. Resisting. Cleansing.
All focus. All resolve. For progress. To get out.
Breaking. Tearing. Emerging. Becoming.
The maker. Destroyer. Decider. Enforcer.
All that’s needed is a shift from the inside
Track Name: Black Dirt
Black Dirt

Verse 1:
Beyond the madman’s whispers
Within the mountain’s dreams
Where all the eyeless banter
The wretched darkness seethes
In blood we’re soaking angels
In droves we’re killing thoughts
The neon sky compels us
But all this is for not

Black dirt, incandescent skies
Force fed apocalyptic lies
Rusted coins in the wishing well
Funding hubris and the fear they sell
In vein
Up sold
Shut out
Hive mind

Verse 2:
The dreamless call for visions
The ageless ones for sleep
As we equip for violence
The ceaseless mower reaps
a thousand burning icons
Within the astral fold
Come crashing down around us
Leaving the shadow cold
Track Name: Deadpan

Verse 1:
Can’t say why
This curse is eating me
Behind the mask I lie
Division’s got the best of me
The blade turns, no reaction
No begging, pleading, no retraction
Plague manifest within the acrid mind
Somnambulist held by the ties that bind

Tear out my eyes
Burning inside
Up against the ropes again and I can’t feel a thing
Haunting my mind
Tripping and blind
Silent screams held in an iron vine and I
Start bleeding light

Verse 2:
Lost inside
This mirrored hall that speaks to me
Pulled under sober tides
The blank machine is all that’s seen
The light’s on, lens retraction
No speaking, ceding, just jagged fractions
The plague infests while the host’s maligned
Abstractionist torn by the blade refined
Track Name: Burning Midnight (The New Halloween)
Burning Midnight

Verse 1:
Visceral dusk, the season unfurling
Dripping lust, our art manifesting
We mark this day, with sex, blood and fire
Pushing through as the old ways expire
A lunar still, the muscles are tensing
A sanguine surge, the passion condensing
A primal call, as ecstasy beckons
While rushing the feeling we stretch out the seconds

Black candles, spells and atrophy
Ten thousand devils in revelry
Bodies framed by a black light sky
While the shadow orgy circles the sacred eye
Bats take flight false morals fall
Witches cum and lycans call
A toast to all that is obscene
As we burn and create a new Halloween

Verse 2:
The undead sun, Necropolis rising
The monster’s birth, tradition revising
The feral earth, from which life is given
Darkness falls and our spirits have risen
Our essence burns, the season becomes us
True selves renewed, the old flesh is black dust
Waking up to the dawn of the red sun
Though we are separate, through this we are one
Track Name: Necronaut

Verse 1:
Through cold and lifeless vacuums
and ultraviolet seas
The demon plasma fused
and then I came to be
Raised in dark dimensions
schooled within the void
I knew that to create myself
I first must be destroyed
Tearing flesh from bone
and disconnecting joints
I stretched my fingers into claws
and then my crown to points
I built a better me
powers that be damned
I cursed the gods and named myself
because I Know I am…


Verse 2:
Pursued by so-called angels
and sycophantic ghosts
They said one day they’d break me down
I killed them in repost
Shortly sometime after
I came across a sphere
It moved in ever closer
and whispered in my ear
“The meaning of existence is the easiest to find”
Before the sphere could finish
a shape then vainly shined
“Know that I am God and you are but a lamb”
I killed that asshole, trashed the corpse
because you know I am…
Track Name: Cadaver Junkie (feat. Kris Mortis)
Cadaver Junkie

Verse 1:
The bleed, the burn, the need
This bête noir that’s taking over me
The hurt, the Hell, the walls
This simple world cannot bind me
Dark aeons spent erased
Displaced here
They cannot entomb
Consume me

Blood takes hold like heroin
While specters beg for violent sin
The addiction burns without within
So let the overdose begin
Opium eyes a razor key
Let us view what dead eyes see
This crimson ocean cleanses me
Enter now Cadaver Junkie

Verse 2:
The dark, the cold, the dead
This vile madness that compels me
The call, the face, the eyes
The aphotic hands that uplift me
Unknown dimensions brought to light
Invite us
They will be adored
Implored by us
Track Name: Lenticular

Verse 1:
Evolving, In stride
The ghost of the lens becomes god of the mind
In pale beams we fall, Though prisms we rise
The new hues will liberate, Hells left entwined
Constructing, In time
The new view, the obvious we kept inside
Our true selves revealed, In nacreous light
Rejecting these tethered views we reach new heights

Within the eyes that serve the mind, and burn in kind
The vapid blind continue dreaming
Take form inside, control the tide, direct the line
We’ll find our own way

Verse 2:
Accepting, the tide
In lifting your feet up you release the mind
Elation takes hold, At one with the world
Inside, a new audience, Banners unfurled
Reliving, Old times
A newfound respect for the details refined
Next level of calm, makes everything right
Gives birth to the facets that augment your sight
Track Name: Some Things Are Better Left Undead
Some Things Are Better Left Undead

Verse 1:
Get Knocked down
It’s never ending
Sink my teeth into flesh
Ever descending
Caught between the worms and the wolves
Accept my place
Another day another shallow grave
Another specter displaced

Cold, black sky
We won’t die

Some things vanish with the passage of time
To be forgotten and pulled out by the tide
But we are forever standing
We are the Undead!
Some things bow before the rivers of night
and shy away at the threat of the light
But we are forever waking
We are the Undead!

Verse 2:
Feel this flesh
Forever rotting
Steel and the sting of regret
Pulses dropping
A kiss between the leaves and the dirt
A cold embrace
The fluid rush and the violent release
The sweetly violent taste